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Easter Beer Hunt

We strongly feel that beer tastes better after a hard day’s work. It makes sense that a little reward after working hard for hours will satisfy any person, but it might be getting a little tough to truly feel accomplished these days with many folks working from home and social distancing.

That is where the Medicine Hat Brewing Company comes in!

With Easter around the corner, why not bring you the hard work and sense of accomplishment needed to fully appreciate a #TimelessCraftBeer? What better way to kick off your primal desirefor an ice-cold beer, than to hunt for it? Kids can keep their plastic eggs, we’re talking to the adults who want a REAL prize! Let’s do an EASTER BEER HUNT!

The rules are below. If you and your family decide to play this fun Easter time game, please TAG US on Instagram and Facebook with your best hiding places!



  • Designate an ‘Easter Beerny’ to hide the beer cans in tough to find locations.
  • 6 cans of beer should be hidden per person.
  • 1 can should be a ‘special’ beer that is a different type than the others. We sell ‘build your own 6-packs’ so your guests can try out multiple new styles!
  • Everyone can find 6 Easter Beers, but cannot take any more and you cannot stop searching until you have them all.
  • To make it even more fun, you could hide some Easter “Bombs” out there of non-alcoholic beverages.
  • As soon as you have 6 beers in your basket, you are done. You cannot keep searching for the ‘special’ beer.
  • Instead, you may spend the remainder of the hunt drinking your prizes and heckling the remaining players.
  • The first person to find all 6 of their beers wins a prize, and the person who finds the ‘special’ beer gets an extra special prize. Some suggestions could be a $10 gift certificate to Medicine Hat Brew Co or a basket of Easter items.

We hope this Easter Beer Hunt will be a fun new tradition for you and your family. Hoppy hunting!


The MH Brew Co Team



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