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Highway 3 ‘Beer Trip’!

Looking for a weekend Albertan adventure but you’re not quite sure where to start? Consider a Highway 3 Brewery Tour! From Medicine Hat to the BC border, Highway 3 offers not one, not two, but NINE craft breweries along its path. We’ve even included distance between each brewery, so when you start to get thirsty, you know how long until your next stop 😉

*Disclaimer: Always have a sober driver to safely get you to each destination. Please check the brewery websites for Covid-19 regulations and irregular hours.


First Stop: Medicine Hat (of course)

Travois Ale Works

Open Tuesday – Wednesday 3-9pm, Thursday 12-9pm, Friday 3-10pm, Saturday 12-10pm. Travois is a micro-brewery that began as a collective of like-minded people who spend most of their time outdoors with beers. They love revolutionary American and traditional European ales, brewed in small batches. The lineup changes continuously and they only brew 8 barrels per batch. Try one of their new beer slushie creations during the hot summer days!


Hell’s Basement Brewery
9 Minute Drive

Open Sunday – Thursday 1-7pm, Friday – Saturday 1-9pm. Medicine Hat’s first (modern) brewery, Hell’s Basement is located in the light industrial area and gives off that laid back feel you want when sipping on a flight. If you’ve brought Spot along for the ride, you’re in luck! Their taproom is dog friendly.


Medicine Hat Brewing Company
12 Minute Drive

Open Tuesday – Saturday 11am-9pm. By the third brewery, we’re sure you’re starting to get a little hungry. That’s why we’ve included ourselves as third in your trip before heading off along Highway 3. MH Brew Co is the only brewery in the city that offers a full menu, and what a menu it is! Everything is made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. Since you’re already on our website, we’re assuming you have a good grasp on who we are, but just in case you need the reminder, we also have 23 taps of Timeless Craft Beer ready to serve you in our 1912 inspired Taproom and patio.


Onward to your next destination: Lethbridge

2 hours is far too long to not have a beer while on an adventure. Perhaps someone needs to open a brewery in Taber to break up the distance? 😉

Spectrum Ale Works
1 Hour, 48 Minute Drive

Open Tuesday – Thursday 2-7pm, Friday – Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 1-5pm. Spectrum boasts the silver medal title for the 2020 Alberta Beer Awards New Brewery of the Year! Opening in August 2019, Spectrum has come out of the gates swinging by winning multiple awards in their first year and providing craft beer lovers across Alberta some great creations.


Theoretically Brewing Company
8 Minute Drive

Open Tuesday – Wednesday 1-5pm, Thursday – Saturday 1-8pm. If you’re a bit of a nerd, this brewery will be right up your alley. With a focus on the scientific method, Kris & Kelti set about growing a quirky, nerdy little brewery bent on environmental sustainability, community support and growth, social awareness, and fun. Their core beers are comprised of Quantum Wheat Ale, Study Buddy Hefeweizen, Curiosity Amber Ale, Frequency Hopper English IPA, Ionic Irish Red Ale, and BHB Stout. One more reason to love their brews – their core lineup is vegan!


Just up the road: Fort Macleod

Stronghold Brewing Company
31 Minute Drive

Open Wednesday – Thursday 4-9pm, Friday – Saturday 12-10pm. Stronghold Brewing Co combines craft beer and Southwestern Alberta to bring a warm and inviting energy to the historic main street location in beautiful Fort Macleod. Built in 1907, the brewery’s location has become the backdrop of numerous movies and television shows like Ghostbusters (2020) and Fargo (TV). Some of their most recent releases include 1907 Session Ale, Cowboy Common, and Westco Wit.


On the brink of the Rockies: Lundbreck

Oldman River Brewing
41 Minute Drive

Open Wednesday – Sunday 11am-10pm. Oldman River Brewing is a family-run family-focused craft brewery with local bites for an authentic, rural Southwest Alberta experience. With a great down home attitude and quality ingredients, they’ve anchored themselves as the local beer in their area and have a child friendly Taproom.


Check out these views! Blairmore

The Pass Beer Co
20 Minute Drive

Open Sunday – Thursday 12-9pm, Friday – Saturday 12-10pm. It may be about time for some more food, yes? Perfect! Stop by for the gorgeous views, stay for the delicious beers and woodfired pizza. They have a large, beautiful patio facing the Rockies as well as a window lined Taproom so that you never have to sacrifice the scenery for a pint.


Last Stop: Coleman

Tin Dogs Pub & Brewery
5 Minute Drive

Open Tuesday – Saturday 11am-10pm, Sunday 11am-9pm. If you’ve ever driven through to Fernie, there is no doubt you have either seen or stopped by Tin Dogs. This great watering hole is right on the Crowsnest Highway and is well known for its fantastic pub food and vast selection of craft beers. What many people might not know is that Tin Dogs is currently working towards being a brewery as well! At the time of this article, they don’t serve any of their own brews, but it’s worth the stop. We’re sad that the Highway 3 Beer Tour is now complete, but we think there is no better way to finish it off than this Crowsnest Pass icon.

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