Coming November 24th: Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
New Brews Out Now: Black Forest Porter, Cold Brew Munich Dunkel, Hellman’s Basement Beer, Blood Orange Sour & Wet Hop Series – Cascade
Taproom Hours: Tue – Wed 12pm – 5pm, Thur – Sat 12pm – 9pm
Kitchen Hours: Thur – Sat 12pm – 9pm


Our Brewmaster (a.k.a. Master of Brew), Mitch Dalrymple, was a bit of a late bloomer in the world of craft beer.  Up until his early 30’s, beer was merely a filler in between drinks of spirits.

Then one day everything changed for Mitch when an extraordinary home brewer, and up and coming professional, introduced Mitch to craft beer and there was no looking back.  Within weeks Mitch was home brewing and with some fortunate mentorship began to craft some tasty brews.

Now as the story goes, Mitch was looking for work to supplement his season job and wound up being an assistant at  Bushwakker Brewing Company in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Mitch spent the next six years learning the fine art of brewing and cellaring beer at Bushwakker and several other brewpubs.

When the opportunity to become head brewer for Bushwakkers arose, Mitch dropped his name in the hat and was fortunate enough to land the position.  He spent 11 years plying his craft, winning numerous medals at the Canadian Brewing Awards along the  way.

In 2016 Mitch had the good fortune of being introduced to the MH Brew Co ownership and was enamoured by their amazing kindness and generosity.  To quote Mitch, “You’d be hard pressed to meet a harder working, nicer family, than the VanCurens”.  And so, to the good fortune of MH Brew Co, Mitch decided to join the team and make the move out west.

Mitch will do his best to continue crafting Timeless Craft Beer for all the great folks in Medicine Hat and beyond.  In the  words of Mitch “I’m happy to be here and you can bet I’ll do my best to make the wonderful people of Medicine Hat proud of what we do here at Medicine Hat Brewing Company”.


Warren Vancuren

Warren Vancuren

Man with the Plan

Warren, the “Man with the Plan” is also the guy that got this ball rolling back in early 2016.  Warren may be a rookie to the Craft Beer Industry, but he is a veteran in the world of business, having owned and operated several successful businesses in the oil and gas industry over the past 30 years.

Having a passion for a damn fine beer, Warren and his son’s decided it would be a wise investment to open a brewery in Southern Alberta.  They spent several months travelling throughout North America to other breweries to learn about the process.  The more they travelled, the more they enjoyed “The Brotherhood” of Craft Beer.

Kaiden Vancuren

Kaiden Vancuren

General Manager of Manufacturing & Distribution

Kaiden, the Chief Innovation Officer, may be known to the general public as the guy with the sweet ‘stache, but inside the building Kaiden is the brewery’s General Manager.  He assists in all areas of the business including the brewing and sales process, the expansion strategy, modelling for us, and the “tasting team” (likely one of his favorite parts).
Brennan Vancuren

Brennan Vancuren

General Manager of Food & Beverage

Brennan Vancuren is a Red Seal Chef, educated and trained in Calgary Alberta. Returning to his home grown roots, Brennan has pulled together an amazing culinary team. Specializing in everything in-house made, from the crackers to the main entrees. Managing the full menu restaurant and tap room, always working tirelessly to continue to surprise and delight, you are promised an unforgettable culinary experience with every visit.

Kathy Vancuren

Kathy Vancuren

Executive Bean Counter

Kathy, the “Bean Counter” is the team’s behind-the-scenes expert.  Her vast experience in the oil and gas industry has honed her skills in both accounting and policy and procedure development.  Kathy works with the team to ensure every aspect is streamlined and efficient. The team is grateful for not only her eye for detail, but also her ability to keep “her boys” in check.