Gentlemen's Stout

In the early 1900’s there were only a few select ‘places of recreation’ for the men of Medicine Hat and environs, the Cypress Club being one. The building supplied a relaxed atmosphere for the lonely and for the not-so-lonely. The club was patronized by men of the town, of the district, and also by the odd sheepherder who came to town every once in awhile. The Gentlemen’s Stout was inspired by those early business men that enjoyed a few cool ones back in those days, likely with a pipe and scotch as well. The Gentlemen’s Stout is MH Brew Co’s take on an oatmeal stout. A rich coffee and semi-sweet chocolate flavor is predominate with a slightly burnt flavour. This is a medium full body stout but not overly filling. The use of flaked oats help add to the perception of body and gives it a creamy, almost velvety mouth feel. The finish is neither overly dry, nor overly sweet, but rather meets your tastebuds somewhere in the middle. Dark, rich, and delicious, the Gentlemen’s Stout is made to satisfy the dark beer lover no matter what gender you should qualify for. 7.0% abv 37 ibus