Belfast Black IPA

Belfast Black IPA

There are a series of alphabetically arranged streets located in Medicine Hat, Belfast being one of them. This street was home to a war veteran who held the rank of major. When he returned home to Belfast Street from the war in the ‘40s, he became an educator and eventually held a leadership role within the district. We dedicate this Stand Tall Series beer to the residents, old and new, of Belfast Street as well as to our community’s exceptional educators who deserve the opportunity to stand tall.

This Black IPA is a smooth, luscious dark ale with a medium-light body. Brewed with five different American hops and copious amounts of leaf hops in our hopback, it boasts a delicious fresh hop aroma and flavour with a medium dry finish.

  • Alcohol: 6.9%
  • Available Formats: 473 mL Can Keg On Tap
  • Bitterness: 70 IBU

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