Gentlemen’s Stout

Gentlemen’s Stout

Known as the ‘Stout Gentleman’, Charles Alexander Magrath was a fellow some might consider a major friend to the early Southern Alberta brewing community. Medicine Hat’s MP in the early 1900s, Magrath fought for irrigation rights for the area. Without his candour and advocacy, it would not have been possible to grow the ingredients needed to make beers such as this delicious stout.

The Gentlemen’s Stout is our take on an oatmeal stout. A rich coffee and semi-sweet chocolate profile predominates, with a slightly burnt flavour. This is a medium full body stout and not overly filling. The use of flaked oats adds to the perception of body and gives a creamy, almost velvety mouthfeel. The finish is neither overly dry, nor overly sweet, but rather meets your tastebuds somewhere in the middle. Dark, rich, and delicious—the Gentlemen’s Stout was made to celebrate this early businessman, but more importantly, to satisfy ANY dark beer lover.

Dark | Velvety | Bittersweet

  • Alcohol: 7%
  • Available Formats: 355 mL Can Keg On Tap
  • Bitterness: 37 IBU

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