Industrial Ave India Pale Ale

Industrial Ave India Pale Ale

Industrial Ave is where it all started for Medicine Hat Brewing Company back in 1912. This street owns our heritage, and you see many of the original buildings from those years still standing within the city. The Industrial Ave IPA, an homage to this rich history, is considered the big brother to our
Aberdeen Pale Ale.

This IPA is made to satiate the self-proclaimed hophead. There are copious amounts of American-style hops used in the brew kettle and dry hop additions to assault the senses with citric aromas and flavours. This beer boasts a 6.7% AVB, but its IBUs—a measure of bitterness—are off the charts at over 100+ IBU.

  • Alcohol: 6.7%
  • Available Formats: 355 mL Can Keg On Tap
  • Bitterness: 100 IBU

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