Lagerfeuer Rauchbier

Lagerfeuer Rauchbier

“Lagerfeuer”  German word for “BONFIRE”: a large open-air fire used as part of a celebration 

This rich, smooth and smoky brew reminds us of good ol’ celebrations – like enjoying a bonfire with friends, sipping a beer while barbecuing or as Brewmaster Mitch would have it, sharing a toasted bacon sandwich while giving a cheers to good times and good people!

Our Lagerfeuer is made with 45% beechwood smoked malt of German origin and plenty of Munich malts to help balance out the smoke flavour.

Rich | Smooth | Smoky 

  • Alcohol: 6.0%
  • Available Formats: 355 mL Can On Tap
  • Bitterness: 26 IBU

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  • Awards:
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Lagerfeuer Raucbier Craft Beer from Medicine Hat Brewing Company

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