The Duke English Pale Ale

The Duke English Pale Ale

Prince Arthur, the Duke of Connaught, was the first member of the Royal Family to become Governor General of Canada. The Duke always stressed the importance of Canadian military contributions but also sought to enhance charity at home. He visited Medicine Hat in 1912 in his role and made his mark in the community by laying the corner brick at Connaught School. Our “The Duke” English Pale Ale honours this royal who made his mark on our community’s history.

The Duke is our Brewmaster’s take on an English-style pale ale. A light fruity nose paired with a deep copper colour makes this a royal delight. The light fruitiness really comes through in the flavour whereas the hops play more of a supporting role. Medium light bodied with a slightly dry finish, The Duke is one of Brewmaster Mitch’s favourite styles.


Fruity | Slightly Dry Finish

  • Alcohol: 4.6%
  • Available Formats: On Tap 473 ml Cans
  • Bitterness: 32 IBU

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