Working at a brewery, you get to sample a lot of beer. Sometimes you may even overindulge after a hard day’s work! Of course we’re professionals and hangovers never happen….. but if we WERE to get a hangover a time or two, we thought it would be handy to compile some of our staff’s favourite morning after hangover cures.

Warren Vancuren (Man with the Plan) – “Vietnamese Soup”

Kathy Vancuren (Head Bean Counter) – “Something cold and sugary always does the trick for me. Popsicles, specifically cherry are the best.”

Kaiden Vancuren (General Manager) – “Drink more Brew Co”

Mitch Dalrymple (Brewmaster) – “Stick to MH Brew Co beer and hangovers should be avoided completely. If you go too hard and fast and fall off your horse… climb back on the next morning and hang on for the ride.”

Corey Wirth (Bean Counter) – “Beer + Clam or Gatorade. I have always enjoyed a clameye when I am hungover.”

Charlene Dooper (Admin) – “I just suffer through it, no ‘tried and true’ has worked for me.”

Carla Smith (Taproom Operations Manager) – “Best way to avoid a hangover is to start drinking early and gradually, all-day! Make sure to eat! Then switch to water at the end of the night, you wake up like nothing ever happened. 60% of the time it works every time. Unless my brother is in town buying shots – there is no cure for that.”

Jessica Day (Graphic Designer) – “The first time my mom found out I had a hangover, she told me that having a greasy burger & fries is the tried and true way to cure a hangover. I’ve stuck with that ever since and it never fails.”

Travis Thompson (Brewmaster Assistant) – “Eat some greasy food, a couple drinks and painkillers if it’s a bad one. Nowadays I may find something green to cure my hangover.”

Nicole Mack (Northern Alberta Sales) – “I know this is going to make me sound like such a hipster, but my hangover cure is a kombucha beermosa: half burnside, half happy belly ginger turmeric kombucha ? Then eat a greasy green onion cake. Good as new.”

Brittany Gooden (Taproom staff) – “I love to eat eggs, toast and cheese! Gets me feeling great!”

Sara Doherty (Taproom staff) – “A big glass of water and an Advil when you wake up followed by orange juice, pancakes, and more water.”

Melissa Halldorson (Taproom staff) – “Nothing like a good brunch and Gatorade.”

Aaron Bergen (Taproom staff) – “A solid breakfast, giant omelette of some kind followed by half hour sauna session and lots of water.”

So the jury is in, the way to cure a hangover is good old ‘hair of the dog’, a greasy breakfast, and lots of water. We hope that you continue to enjoy our brews responsibly, but if you happen to wake up with a surprise headache one morning, keep these tips in mind!


The MH Brew Co Team